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 Read before posting

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PostSubject: Read before posting   Sun Apr 19, 2009 11:24 pm


HackerzForum.tk policy:

-English is used only

-HackerzForum is a very useful place to share as well as to freely exchange information for all member

-HackerzForum is the place where members can meet and help each other

-HackerzForum never store softsware, crack, serial on Gold4rum host

-Do not post xxx or porn link in HackerzForum

-Important topics or information collected in every box will be attached to every box in specific time of updating information

General rules:

1.Religion, politics and persons relating to religion, politics are not allowed

2.Only information about communication technology is mentioned.

3.The content of your writing should be posted in the right box.

4.You should check your writing if it is available before posting yours.

5.No Posting of LIVE External Links!
You MUST disable ALL hyperlinks

6.Members needing information about writing content can find it in main box

7.Members are not allowed to spam

8.Unrelated writings are not allowed

9.Members must be responsible for their writing.HackerzForum administrator has no responsibility.Any comments, please contact administrator.

10. Members breaking the rule will be called in attention to delete nickname forever.

11.Avoiding violence, keeping friendly atmostphere in forum. Any further information, please contact administrator.

12.Regulations for signature and avatar:
+ Signature: not contain too big pictures( less than 180 pixel);no advertisement information
+Avatar: avatar related to religion, politics, sex, violence, discrimination is not allowed

13.No treating, no conforming the rule

14.Please Read the Forums before posting, so that we can avoid Duplicate Posts. It's not too much asking to simply read through 3 or 4 pages of the Forums, to make sure that your post isn't already there.

Posting Mirrors to an existing post is acceptable, provided that it is included as a reply to the original post.

15.Box stress, chatting and relaxing box are available, let's enjoy.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated!

16.Members must post regularly to maintain their status on HackerzForum Members who Do not post at least Twice in a 60 day period, will be Deleted from the G4R Database and will have to Register once again!

The Staff at G4R recognizes everybody's efforts to keep this site running smoothly and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

17. 1. All thread advertise harmacy, for sales, for least …. on HackerzForum is not allow . All thread advertise Viagra will be delete , and warn poster. All thread adv xxx will be detete and banned forever.All your advertisements please contact : HTml (Y!M : nghia703 ; Skype: fsoft_nghiant703 )

18.How to post new thread ?

19.Report Dead link in section:
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Read before posting
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